Quality Solutions

The People's Republic of China has set itself the goal of transforming the "Made in China" designation of origin into a seal of quality such as "Made in Germany" by 2025. We at SelteQ Industrial Services can already offer you this quality on the Chinese procurement market.


In the course of projects, our strength lies particularly in quality assurance and quality control, manufacturing supervision, expediting, control of the seaworthy packaging and export.


As part of the quality inspection, we carry out various tests which are not limited to non-destructive testing such as X-ray,  ultrasonic testing of material and weld seams, as well as surface crack detection with magnetic particle or dye penetration testing. Capabilities to measure with 3D laser equipment are present.


We offer to evaluate your production processes with regard to process optimization of quality assurance measures in order to ensure and continuously improve the quality of your products. With us you can reduce your reject rates and manufacture more efficiently. It makes no difference whether it is your own production facilities in China or your local suppliers.


We also offer Chinese manufacturers our advisory services with a view to western quality standards in order to improve your export opportunities. This includes not only the evaluation of your production for the purpose of optimizing existing workflows and implementation of quality assurance measures, but also specific training for your employees.



Contact us at info@selteqservices.com or use our contact form. We will be happy to advise you.

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