Welcome to our special page about injection moulds for Plastics, Die-casts, Metal Powder (MIM) and more

Since 2002 we provide high quality supply solutions for customers in need of injection moulds and injection molded parts. We are equipped with all kind of machinery to fabricate injection moulds for plastics, die-casts, as well as metal parts made by the metal injection molding process (MIM). Most of the machines are imported to guarantee the tolerances in the high-precision area. Furthermore we are equipped with the most up-to-date measuring tools which include optical and digital measuring devises.


At this point we would like to mention that our machining capabilities are not limited for parts for injection moulds. We also offer machining of any high-precision lathed and milled parts that do not belong to injection molding. Besides that we are specialized in the manufacturing of tooling, jigs and fixtures for small-part assembly lines as well as for test stands.


In the beginning our customers were mainly from Japan, such as INAX Co., Ltd., IRIS OYAMA Group, FUSHIYUE Industrial Co., Ltd., KUMIKA Industrial Co., Ltd., SAMSUNG CANON Equipment Co., Ltd., TOSHIBA Dalian Electric Motor Co., Ltd., ALPS, SANYO Household Appliances and many others. Since years we also supply directly or indirectly to companies in the automotive business such as Shanghai Volkswagen up to BMW.


In all these years, thousands of injection moulds were fabricated in our facilities in Dalian for the manufacturing of household products, office equipment and furniture, inspection tools, interior and exterior for automobiles, mechanically stressed parts made of hard-plastics, plastics in leather and any other optic, die-cast molds for zinc- aluminum- and other alloys and many more. To be reminded: Metal Injection Molding (MIM), - a process which is getting more and more important.


The range of materials starts from typical plastics such as ABS, GFK (GRP), PP, PE, PVC, PS, AS, TPE, PPT, PPE, PBT, POM, over Nylon and die-cast alloys, up to stainless steel for metal injection molding. All injection moulds may be used in your facilities in China but can also be export to whatever country in the world.


Whatever injection moulds, injection molded parts, other high-precision machined parts and which material requirements you have, with SelteQ Industrial Services (Dalian) Co., Ltd. you have the right partner for your inquiry.



Contact us at info@selteqservices.com or use our contact form. We will be happy to give you advice.

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